Towel Embroidery

Towel embroidery is one of the techniques of embroidery

Towel embroidery is one of the techniques of embroidery, which belongs to three-dimensional embroidery. The effect is like sticking a piece of terry cloth, and the colors are varied, so it is called towel embroidery. The art work is widely used in custom embroidered hoodies and custom embroidered jackets.It is soft to the touch, has a fluffy, soft, and cute feeling, and is very novel, so it is very popular among embroidered fleece jecket manufacturer and consumers in recent years. Embroidery is done by hand, and flat embroidery can be added to the finished product with a hand-made mixer to make the embroidery more diversified. Suitable for making special three-dimensional effect on handbags, custom coat and embroidered jacket customing. Towel embroidery can embroider any pattern with strong three-dimensional effect and rich layers. When coats factory or coat manufacture recieve customers’ design, they will buy material and correspsonding color to embroider the logo on coats or custom Sportswear.

Towel embroidery is a very popular embroidery method on European and American clothing recently. Such as famous brand ,the north face,cutomer are willing to do north face jacket custom. It is completed by changing the hooking action of the computer embroidery special machine head during production.

When embroidering, the special towel head is used for computer embroidery, and the embroidery thread is hooked up from the bottom of the machine, and one coil after another is wound to bring out the towel effect. With the requirements of different products, the embroidery methods of towel embroidery (terry embroidery) emerge in endlessly. If wearing in sprts,such as custom yoga cloth or custom swinsuits, the yoga wear manufacurers and gym wear supplier will chosse some thin and light material to make fabric. When coats manufacture or sportswear manufacturer are embroidering towel embroidery, loosen the bottom thread and tighten the upper thread so that the bottom thread turns over the embroidery surface. The method of moving the needle is to move in a straight line, and the movement must be smooth beacuse it will be obvious for activewear manufacture’s and gym wear spplier’s customer to avoid wearing, so that a curl-like towel pattern effect can be produced, making the pattern plush and thick. For example, changing the straight line to continuous small circles when stitching, a series of small chrysanthemum shapes can be produced on the embroidery surface. This stitch is called “turning bottom chrysanthemum stitch”. It is used to embroider patterned flower cores, and the effect is very good.

Hook cold, commonly known as towel embroidery, can be made by hand machine or computer hook cold machine!

Hook cold, commonly known as towel embroidery, can be made by hand machine or computer hook cold machine! The finished product has a towel-like effect. And the custom It is generally divided into two types of stitches: chain and hook, and the thread is generally artificial hair or real and fake Sanqi hair. Towel embroidery can realize the mixed embroidery process of flat embroidery and towel embroidery, which further improves the adoption level of computerized embroidery machines and expands its application range.

Nowadyas the towel embroidery is becoming maturer and maturer, and more and more clothing industry use custom embroidered towels for their production.

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