T-shirt short sleeve heat transfer heat transfer process

The patterns on T-shirts are generally printed by thermal transfer printing. Today, I will take you to understand the process of T-shirt heat transfer.

1. Print screen

Print out various patterns on the adhesive film.

heat transfer paper

2. Cutting

Cutting out the pattern with an edge engraving machine is to carve out the edge path of the pattern.

to cut heat transfer paper

3. Remove the excess

Cut out the excess part other than the pattern, and tear it off along the engraved line.

Remove the excess

4. Cover with transfer film

Cover the screen with a layer of transfer film, and then tear off the bottom film of the screen protective adhesive. The left and right sides of the transfer film are used for positioning, and the placement of the pattern moves. After tearing off the film, cut it into pieces with scissors.

Cover with transfer film
Cover with transfer film 2

5. Heat press

Put the T-shirt on the transfer machine, then put the transfer film on the T-shirt, adjust the position, and then start hot stamping, 8 seconds at 156°C, so that the pattern will stick to the clothes, tear off the transfer The membrane is finished.

Heat press
Heat press

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