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Reflective Screen Printing

Reflective Screen Printing, Reflective Printing can be Applied to Fashion Clothing to Increase the Personalization of Clothing and a Sense of Fashion; to add a Reflective Effect to the Fabric Printing Process.

With the continuous innovation and development of reflective printing technology, more and more application scenarios are being explored. For example, reflective printing can be applied to fashion apparel to increase the personalization and Fashion Sense of Clothing; it can also be applied to outdoor products, vehicles, home accessories and other fields, expanding the scope of application and market prospects of reflective screen printing.

Screen printing with reflective inks greatly expands the potential applications of this technology. Our reflective screen printing and heat transfers can add brilliant, unique designs to any garment, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. You can have both! Whether you prefer a classic design or a bold pattern, we’ll Create a Sample for you first, and we can provide this service with the highest level of Quality, Precision, and detail to ensure that your product stands out.


What is Reflective Screen Printing?

Reflective Screen printing, It is a kind of printing process that can add a reflective effect to textiles. This printing process uses Reflective Material to make textiles reflect light at night or in low light conditions, improving Visibility and Safety.

The production method of reflective printing mainly includes the steps of designing pattern, selecting Reflective Material, printing and fixing.

Colorful reflective printing
Halloween Ghost-Reflective Printing on Costumes
Customized Reflective Print Hoodies - Reflective Print Craftsmanship

Design Pattern: The designer first needs to design a suitable pattern according to the customer’s demand and product characteristics, and then make it into an Technical Package.

Selecting reflective material: There are various types of reflective materials, different reflective materials are selected according to different products and printing needs. Common reflective materials include Reflective Heat Transfer Film, Reflective Plastic Sheets, Reflective Fabrics, etc.

Printing: The designed pattern is printed on the textile through printing technology, which can use traditional screen Printing Technology or Digital Printing Technology.
Fixing: After the printing is completed, the textile needs to be fixed to ensure the durability and stability of the reflective effect.

The Application of Reflective Printing

  • Reflective Printing can be applied to a variety of textile products, such as Sportswear, Outdoor Clothing, Work POLO Shirts, Shirts and so on. At night or in a low-light environment, reflective printing can improve visibility, reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents, to protect personal safety.
  • Reflective Printing is a printing process that can add a reflective effect to textiles to improve the safety of walking at night. The production method of reflective printing includes steps such as designing the pattern, Selecting The Reflective Material, printing and fixing.
Customized LOGO-Reflective Printing

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Customized Hoodie - Reflective Print - Pocahontas -
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Colorful reflective printing
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