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Custom rhinestone clothing. Create brand rhinestone clothing, we provide a variety of rhinestone clothing, including snap hats, T-shirts, Hoodies, jackets, jeans, leather clothing, etc.

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What is Rhinestone clothing ?

rhinestone clothing refers to the processing technology of setting rhinestone on fabrics, leather and other materials. rhinestone is often used on fabrics, that is, clothing or fabric accessories. The working principle is that hot drilling is exposed to high temperatures (because most rhinestone are made of crystal or glass and are not afraid of high temperatures). The common temperature is around 150-200, which melts the glue layer at the bottom of the drill. to stick to the object. At present, hot stamping on clothing has become a fashion and trend. As a kind of accessory, hot stamping can add beauty to the clothes and increase the value of the clothes.

Custom Rhinestone Clothing Steps

Rhinestone clothing generally divided into three steps: rhinestone selection, rhinestone arrangement, and rhinestone setting. So how do we judge quality? It is mainly divided into three steps: first look at the appearance, look at the adhesive and look at the firmness;

rhinestone Technology

1. Appearance

First, look at the cutting surface of the hot drill. The smoother the cutting surface, the higher its refractive index and the better the brightness. Secondly, check whether the cutting surface is uniform. Any incisors, scratches, or bubbles are considered defective.

rhinestone Technology

2. Back Glue

Turn the rhinestone over and check the color of the glue on the back to see if the color is uniform and not different shades. The color is bright and uniform and is considered a good rhinestone.

Clothing Rhinestone Technology

3. Fixed

The higher the solubility of the glue on the back of hot rhinestone, the better the rhinestone firmness. The best way to identify a rhinestone is: put it in the washing machine after ironing. If it does not fall off after washing, it proves that the fastness is good. If it falls off after washing, it proves that the glue is not strong enough. Good products will not fall off when dry cleaning.

First use wooden materials or plastic boards to make templates of various patterns, then arrange the rhinestone into fixed positions on the wooden template, and then use adhesive paper to stick the arranged patterns out for setting rhinestone.

The tools used in the final hot drilling process are generally: ultrasonic hot drilling machine, ultrasonic point drilling machine, ultrasonic nail drilling machine, heat press machine, etc., but the most commonly used one should be the heat press machine.

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