Printing technology is the process of applying a pattern to textiles with dyes or pigments. In the field of apparel design is one of the essential process, printed fabrics are rich in artistic products, according to the design of the pattern pattern selection of the corresponding printing process, so the following printing process you need to know.

Acid wash

Acid wash is a process used in the apparel industry to create a faded or vintage look on fabric. In the process of customization sweatshirts and t-shirts involves treating the fabric with a solution of chemicals, typically chlorine or a form of acid, which erodes the surface of the fabric and creates a washed-out or mottled appearance.


The empty needle operation is carried out in a certain process, and the embroidery thread is combined with other types of items during the needle movement process. The embroidery method of the embroidery process includes three kinds of rice types.

Thick Board Glue

The characteristic of the modified material is thick and fast. Ordinary screen printing 1 mm height only needs 6 to 8 times. It has good bending resistance and three-dimensional effect. They are widely will be used in custom jeans for women or custom jeans for men .


Embossing, also known as pressed flower, is a new technology, mainly used in clothing industry like custom Jackets, custom logo sweatsuits. The initial embossing process is mainly to pick plants and flowers in nature, after various physical and chemical processing and use other special methods for dehydration, pressing and drying, so that it can retain the original shape, and then through the hoodie manufacture or hoodie suppliers to conceive the design, the handcraft that adds it to the product.

Distressed Fashion Trend

Distressed style in fashion is a trend that involves clothing or accessories that appear to be worn or aged, with intentional rips, tears, fraying, fading, or other signs of distress. This style is popular in casual wear, particularly in custom denim jeans, custom jackets, and custom shorts, but can also be seen in t-shirts, sweaters, and other types of clothing.

Towel Embroidery

Towel embroidery is one of the techniques of embroidery, which belongs to three-dimensional embroidery. The effect is like sticking a piece of terry cloth, and the colors are varied, so it is called towel embroidery. 

Gold Foil

Gold foil in the apparel industry is a decorative technique where a layer of metallic foil is applied to fabric or garments to create a shiny, reflective effect. The process involves the use of heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto a fabric, usually a specific pattern or custom clothing.

DTG Print

DTG stands for Direct-to-Garment, which is a digital printing process that prints an image or design directly onto a garment, such as a hoodie. DTG printing is a popular method for creating high-quality, full-color designs on fabric.Such as hoodie, custom hoodie manufacture are normally use this artwork for logo on it.It looks more superior than normal print, and also keep stitching on fabric.

Heat Transfer Print

Heat transfer printing is a process of transferring a design or image onto a substrate using heat and pressure. It involves printing the design onto a special transfer paper or vinyl using a digital printer, and then transferring the design onto the final substrate using a heat press machine.

Puffer Print

Puffer printing, also known as puff printing or foam printing, is a special type of screen printing that uses a special ink that expands when heated to create a raised, 3D effect. The ink used in puffer printing contains a blowing agent, which expands when heated to create the raised texture.

Banner Reflective Printing

Reflective Printing

Reflective Screen Printing, Reflective Printing can be Applied to Fashion Clothing to Increase the Personalization of Clothing and a Sense of Fashion; to add a Reflective Effect to the Fabric Printing Process.

Diamond Clothing

Custom diamond clothing. Create brand diamond clothing, we provide a variety of diamond clothing, including snap hats, T-shirts, Hoodies, jackets, jeans, leather clothing, etc.

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