Gold Foil – Clothing Hot Stamping

Gold foil in the apparel industry is a decorative technique where a layer of metallic foil is applied to fabric or garments to create a shiny, reflective effect. The process involves the use of heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto a fabric, usually a specific pattern or customized t-shirt.

It can be used to create a variety of effects, from subtle accents to bold, eye-catching designs. It is often used in high-end fashion to add a luxurious touch to garments, such as logos, graphics or monograms. It can also be used to create intricate patterns and designs that are difficult to achieve with traditional printing methods.

The use of gold leaf is becoming increasingly popular in the apparel industry, especially in the production of custom logo sweatshirts, custom Carhartt hoodies, custom aviator jackets, and other types of apparel. It’s a versatile and cost-effective way to add elegance and sophistication to any garment.

Here are the general steps for creating gold leaf on garments

  1. Use a graphic design software or tool to design the graphic or pattern you want to apply the gold foil to. Make sure the design is vectorized, which means it is made up of straight lines and curves rather than pixels.
  2. Once you have completed your design, use a laser printer to print it onto transfer paper. Make sure to reverse print the design so that it will show up correctly when transferred to the custom jacket.
  3. Preheat the heat press to a temperature and pressure setting appropriate for the type of fabric you will be using.
  4. Place the fabric on the heat press and pre-press for a few seconds to remove moisture or wrinkles.
  5. Place the transfer paper with the gold foil design face down on the fabric and cover it with a piece of parchment or PTFE sheet to protect the design and prevent the gold foil from sticking to the press.
  6. Apply heat and pressure to the transfer sheet for the recommended time, usually around 20-30 seconds depending on the type of fabric and foil used.
  7. Once the transfer is complete, slowly and carefully peel the transfer sheet from the fabric to ensure that the gold foil has properly adhered to the fabric.
  8. Allow clothes to cool for a few minutes before wearing or washing.

It is important to note that specific processes and materials may vary depending on the type of gold foil used and the equipment available. It is also recommended to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the gold foil and transfer paper to ensure the best results.

What are the pros and cons of gold leaf on clothing?


  1. Visual appeal: Gold foil adds a unique, eye-catching, luxurious visual element to garments. It creates an elegant and sophisticated look that makes the outfit stand out.
  2. Durability: Gold foil is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for use on garments that are worn frequently or with multiple washes.
  3. Custom: Gold foil can be used to create highly customized designs and patterns, providing a level of personalization not easily achieved with other printing techniques. Men’s custom jeans, women’s custom jeans, and custom work pants and hoodies are widely used.
  4. Versatility: Gold foil can be applied to a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester and blends, giving designers the flexibility to use it on a variety of garment types and styles.


  1. Limited Color Options: Gold foils are usually only available in metallic colors such as gold, silver and bronze, which can limit the range of colors and designs that can be created. Especially in custom t-shirts, the use of more colors is limited, but perhaps bland would make more sense.
  2. Prone to cracking and discoloration: Over time, gold leaf may crack or discolor, especially when exposed to harsh washing conditions or extreme temperatures. This can reduce its visual appeal and decrease its durability.
  3. Specialized equipment required: Applying gold leaf to garments requires specialized equipment, such as heat presses or screen printers, which may not be available to all designers or apparel businesses.

These shortcomings are now being improved by our technicians.

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