Embossing, also known as pressed flower, is a new technology, mainly used in clothing industry like custom Jackets, custom logo sweatsuits. The initial embossing process is mainly to pick plants and flowers in nature, after various physical and chemical processing and use other special methods for dehydration, pressing and drying, so that it can retain the original shape, and then through the hoodie manufacture or hoodie suppliers to conceive the design, the handcraft that adds it to the product.

With the ever-changing and rapid development of production technology, textile embossing machines appeared. Sweatshirt manufacturers or jacket supplier find that the kind of artwork on clothing is famous and fashinable.Since then, the process has become less cumbersome, and embossed products have become more diverse and more beautiful.

And hoodie factory or hoodie suppliers also widely use this artwork in their products. When their clients custom hoodie, the custom hoodie manufacture make mould to make clients’ logo embossed. It also can be died the colors that client wnat it to be.

The characteristics of the embossing process mainly include:

First, the product is simple and beautiful. Whether it is the design of embossing or the combination of embossing and products, people can unconsciously produce a sense of design, which is simple but not monotonous, but more beautiful and elegant;

Second, the embossing process can better highlight the designer’s Design thinking, we can see from the above that the embossing process comes from nature, how to perfectly combine nature and products? This requires the hoodies manufacture and sweats shirt vendors to have a rigorous thinking mode, a unique innovative concept, and a unique perception and understanding of nature, so the embossing process has higher requirements for both the shirt factory and t shirt supplier.

Third, the embossing material has a good shape retention function , based on the function,the industry of custom zip up hoodies and custom carhartt hoodies are becoming more and more famous,because the embossed fabric has a certain supporting force, which reduces the probability of deformation or wrinkling of the hat, making it less likely to collapse and make it more flat.

Fourth, the embossed fabric also has a certain cleaning effect, is not easy to be stained, and reduces the External wear and tear, so as to be able to prolong its use time,now more and more young person wear custom denim jackets and custom carhartt jacket on street and hanging out.

According to market research, there are also many mid-to-high-end brands that choose to engrave patterns independently developed. Specially in custom jean jacket, custom bomber jacket and custom t shirts, they want to both save cost and keep high quality.

In order to avoid costs, t shirt manufacturers will use one pattern to develop different fabrics for their golf shirts or thier golf shirts supplier, and will also extend the design of several styles such as polo and golf style. At the same time, because of the unique pattern design.

Correspondingly, the added value of the product has been increased, and the pricing of clothing has also been increased accordingly.

Therefore, from the perspective of sales profit, the high cost of raw material customization has basically been broken down and digested. As a result the polo factory or polo manufacturer will get a profit in embossing industries.

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