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As a kind of Hoodies clothing, anime hoodies have become a must-have for anime fans. Not only in the animation convention, this kind of Hoodies has also penetrated into the fashion collocation in daily life. If you are also an Anime fan and want to have a piece of Anime Hoodies of your own, in this article, we will introduce all the tips and tricks about Custom Anime Hoodies Want to make and sell Anime Hoodies to greatly increase your product sales.

The process of customizing animation hoodies generally includes the selection of suitable fabrics, animation pattern design, printing methods, garment processing & packaging methods and other production links.

1.Anime Hoodies Fabric Options

Depending on the manufacturing process, the durability, look and texture of the hoodie fabric may vary. Blended fabrics combine different fiber types to play out each fiber’s strengths and compensate for its weaknesses.

Anime Hoodies Fabric Selection

Our best hoodies are made from a premium cotton and polyester blend. Rest assured that your hoodie will be comfortable, breathable, strong and resistant to fading. This is also the main factor in our design and production of best-selling Hoodies.

2.Design Anime Patterns

Design anime pattern template

You can choose characters, scenes or patterns from your favorite anime, or customize them according to your preferences.

In the process of designing patterns, where is the position of the design pattern becomes the most troublesome thing for us. It usually takes some time and effort, but the end product will be a one-of-a-kind anime hoodie.

3.What printing method do you choose for Anime Hoodies

The printing method is the main factor that decides whether Anime Hoodies can be the best selling Anime Hoodies, let’s discuss the printing method. We have all printing methods including embroidery. Check out the article below for an in-depth look at how our Anime graphics print.


Naruto Custom Hoodies

DTG printing (direct to garment printing) is where ink is sprayed directly onto the garment and the ink penetrates into the fibers of the fabric. It is similar to printing on paper, but applied to clothing.

This method works best with natural fibers such as 100% cotton, but works with cotton blends as well. DTG printing offers a wide range of vibrant colors and freedom of expression during the design process. The print is soft, breathable and extremely durable.


Attack on Titan Badge Embroidery

Embroidery is also a type of printing. Embroidery is mainly suitable for small areas. Its elegant details bring a sense of luxury to Anime custom hoodies, whether it is the design of logos, meaningful symbols or representative patterns in Anime.

Plus, the textured, raised finish in the embroidered design adds depth and dimension to the fabric. These designs are full of character and vitality, each stitch exudes charm, personality and uniqueness. Let the colored threads speak for your logo and let your creative spirit shine.

Sublimation Printing

Dye-sublimation printing allows you to create personalized Hoodies with full body Anime. This means you don’t have to limit yourself to one area – allowing your design or pattern to be seen from any angle.

Naruto Hoodies Luffy Sublimation Print

Some other advantages of dye-sublimation include vivid and detailed anime graphics, durability, and quick turnaround time. Dye-sublimation printing is also more environmentally friendly because it uses dry inks instead of water-based inks and solvents.

As for the downside, dye sublimation is only suitable for 100% polyester or blends with a higher polyester content. Also, you can only print on white or light-colored garments. This is because there is no white ink in dye-sublimation printing, and the ink cannot lighten the base color.

Puff Print

Sailor Moon puff print

Foam printing is also called three-dimensional printing, it can make the Anime pattern you design have a strong three-dimensionality, and it can make the Anime characters and patterns you design more prominent

Its principle is to add several chemical substances with a certain proportion of high expansion coefficient to the glue printing dye, and after drying, the printed position will be foamed at a high temperature of 200-300 degrees to achieve a three-dimensional effect similar to relief. Foam printing The process can meet the requirements of the substrate, and the effect of high, medium and low foaming is very eye-catching

Lf You Want To Know More Printing Methods

4.Customized samples

If you are ready now, you can send us the printing method of the designed fabric, style and Anime image. We’ll order samples with your listed design templates and make sure all functions (and flows) are flawless. Here’s what you want to check:

  • Price
  • Anime Colors
  • Fabric Material
  • Anime Graphic Design
  • Quality
  • Delivery Time
  • User Experience & More

Whether it is Hoodies or zipper Hoodies, whether it is light or heavy, we will customize to give you the best Anime Hoodies. An irreplaceable must-have item in an anime fan’s wardrobe. So custom Anime hoodies are a surefire way to grow the best selling Hoodies.

Also, if you would like to work with a high quality hoodie manufacturer for your next collection, please Contact Us

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